SERVICES & PRICES                                        


A full groom would include all of the following,  although we can mix and match according to needs and desires!

Groomer's healthcheck:              We report back of any health observations.

Bath and blow dry:                       STATE OF THE ART hydrobath deep cleansing bath, and facial scrub

Nail and pad trim:                        Nails checked/ trimmed as standard, along with a pad hair trim

Clip/ handstrip / scissor trim:  or a combination of these depending on the dog

Ears:                                               Pluck and clean

Sanitary area:                               Clip and trim

There are a few variables, which determine how long your dog takes to groom, and therefore the price. Assuming that your dog is in reasonable condition, the standard size for the breed, and the dog is happy to be groomed, the following applies:

  • Small dog full groom, (e.g. Shih tzu)                    £30-42

    • Small dog bath, dry and nails                         c.£22

  • Medium dog full groom, (e.g. Spaniel)                £38-50

    • Medium dog bath, dry and nails                    c. £27

  • Large dog full groom, (e.g. Labradoodle)           £55-70

    • Large dog bath, dry and nails                         c. £36

  • Giant dog full groom (e.g. OE Sheepdog)            £75-130

    • Giant dog bath, dry and nails                         c. £65​


  • Small dog (e.g. JR Terrier)                    £55-£85

  • Med/ Large dog (e.g. Airedale )         £70-£100+

*Additional charges will apply for the extra time, products and equipment involved in grooming a neglected coat, a larger than normal example of the breed, or an unhappy or resistant dog displaying non- normal behaviour* (see Policies :  ‘Dog Behaviour’).


When? As soon as your pup's injections are complete, we need to get some positive grooming experiences in!

We really want to avoid having to pull at or remove painful matting on your puppies first visit!

Why? The sooner your pup feels, hears, sees and sniffs the salon environment, and is handled by our groomers, (e.g. with nail and paw trims, and learning to hold their head still ) the more comfortable they will be, and the more accustomed they will become to being groomed. Grooming is an important part of a puppy's education, especially those with mixed / poodle or bischon coats that are particularly high maintenance, and hopefully the work will begin with yourselves at home.

If you are feeling challenged by home grooming, (which we understand and sympathise with ....Puppy nibbling brush!?), or you notice anywhere that you can't get a comb through (a brush can skim over the top and not reach the roots, giving a false sense of all being well...) please contact us ASAP,  for advice and help.

We really want to avoid having to pull at

or remove painful matting,

on your puppies first visit.

Puppies coats go through a dramatic change, usually at about 9- 12 months of age, as the coat can multiply in density by 10 times or more. With your help at home with consistent home grooming, leg and feet handling, limited harness wearing, and regular 6 or 8 weekly visits from 2 or 3 months old, we will ensure that your puppy is relaxed and happy with the grooming process, ready for when that puppy/ adult transition coat gets more demanding, and prepare for the lifetime of grooming ahead.

How long and how much?


  • Introductory puppy session  (c. 1 hour)                 £25-30

  • Ongoing puppy bath, brush, nails and tidy up     £35-40

  • Puppy matting clip offs (c. 2 hours +)                     £50 +



We offer EMMI-PET Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, which is a worldwide patented dental and oral hygiene system. It is a fantastic way of improving and maintaining dental hygiene and dog breath, often avoiding the need for anaesthetic/ surgical intervention. More details can be found here: .

  • Intensive 5 days  x 30 min. course over 1 week                    £77 inc. own brush head

  • Add on to regular groom e.g. every 6-8 weeks  x 20 mins  £17 per session

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