Dog Grooming is currently an UNREGULATED industry. Often the wellbeing of the dog is not the primary concern, with a 'production line' approach which will not serve the dog's best interests.


My name is Heather, and I have set up SPRUCE in the belief that I can offer the very best dog grooming for dogs AND owners:


  • City and Guilds certified with a LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA and a qualifying member of the prestigious 'Groomers Spotlight'

  • Quality Assured member of the British Dog Groomers Association and Pet Industry Federation

  • 40 years of animal training, grooming and clipping, dog care and ownership

  • Fully insured

  • Qualified pet first aider

  • A good balance between kindness and confident handling.



  • Each dog has  full 1 on 1 care and attention, and will be treated with respect.

  • I make time for affection and fun.  We have 2 sociable dogs (Hattie and Rosie) and a large dog-friendly garden to play in (before grooming, and afterwards if you are happy to allow this!).

  • Regular toilet and water breaks are a fundamental part of our routine.

  • Your dog's time with us should be pleasurable (as well as safe and secure) so they can't wait to come back. The aim  is 'home from home'.



  • I dry by hand, to minimise the health risk to your dog, and support 'hands-on' contact time which most dogs find reassuring.

  • Hand drying gets the very best end grooming result as it is the best way to prepare the coat for clipping or styling. 


  • I only use the very best professional  bathing products- it is in my interests really, as it means a better coat for me to groom.

  • This includes a facial scrub that is kind to eyes and avoids any soreness (called 'no tears')

  • Different products are chosen according to each dogs coat and needs. We have a medicated shampoo 'Tropiclean Oxymed' for dry or othcy skin conditions.


  • Just like in a good hairdresser's, the consultation is very important and time very well spent, in making sure I know what you want.

  • I can provide photos of past work with a wide cross-section of breeds and sizes, and examples e.g. of clipped coat lengths  and styling alternatives, so you can very specifically detail what you want. If you are not sure I can give you some options to help you decide.





spruce cricklade dog grooming

I offer everything a dog might need to stay in it's best condition. A full groom would include all of the following,

although we can mix and match according to needs and desires!

Groomer's healthcheck:  standard provision for each and every dog, with a report back of any observations.

Bath and blow dry:            not just a quick wash down- this involves min. 2 full shampoos, facial scrub

Nail  and pad trim:            nails are checked/ trimmed as standard, along with a pad hair  trim

Clip/ handstrip / scissor trim:  or a combination of these depending on the dog

Ears:                                         pluck and clean


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SPRUCE Dog Grooming

85 The High Street





Tel:  07740 029233

9 AM - 5 PM* Monday - Friday

9 AM - 1 PM (ish)*      Saturday

Closed on Sundays and bank holidays

*Hours/ drop-offs/ pick-ups are flexible and can adjust according to customer needs.. let me know what you need.

OPENING HOURS (from June 2107)

City and Guilds Level 3 QUALIFIED 

I have worked hard to achieve a high level of professional qualifications, and am one of very few groomers in WILTS and GLOS area who are qualified to be on 'Groomers Spotlight'- for which you need a LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA.


I believe all  dogs deserve a good professional SPRUCE (and the benefits this brings).

I give high quality FULL attention to each dog, in our small salon on Cricklade High Street (next to Animal Fayre petshop)- a happy 'home from home' space.


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'My 3 dogs look the best they have ever looked- thank you Heather"

Sue White, May 17

Fernanda Carvalho reviewed Spruce Cricklade Dog Grooming — 5 star.

"I would highly recommend this place... we took Olive... I can say she's never looked or smelt so good, extremely great service and amazing price"

Fiona Chalk reviewed Spruce Cricklade Dog Grooming — 5 star

"Fred is elderly, blind and quite deaf so finds being handled by a stranger and going through the grooming process very stressful. Heather was happy for me to stay to reassure him and she handled him really gently and sensitively and made the experience as stress free as possible - and he looks really smart! Very happy with the service"

Gemma Chivers reviewed Spruce Cricklade Dog Grooming — 5 star

"Thank you for being so accommodating. Excellent service and Charlie looks so handsome!"


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