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We give high quality FULL attention to each dog, in all 3 of our Cricklade and Cirencester (Stratton and high street/ Toomers) salons, creating happy 'home from home' spaces.

We hope that the choice of 3 local SPRUCE salons will help make grooming more convenient for you, e.g. geographically to your location, or with Saturday grooming in Cirencester Toomers and Cricklade, and easy parking on Cirencester Stratton and Cricklade.

City and Guilds Level 3 QUALIFIED, we have worked hard to achieve professional qualifications, and SPRUCE owner, Heather, is one of very few groomers in WILTS and GLOS area who are qualified to be on 'Groomers Spotlight'- for which you need a LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA.

There is now  60+ years experience in the SPRUCE team, with over 20,000 grooms completed!

We believe all  dogs deserve a good professional SPRUCE (and the benefits this brings).



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